Support for Science

The scientific committee of “Fazer O Bem Faz Bem” has nominated, classified and selected projects designed to tackle Covid-19 and for the technological and scientific development of this area. The CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) has also provided support in identifying new projects.

The Program has allocated R$ 50 million for scientific and technology projects aimed at addressing the pandemic. According to specialists, the distribution of resources among research groups throughout Brazil has been the correct strategy in the race against time.

Some of the work benefitting from the JBS donations is intended for specific regions of the country; while in other cases the potential exists to make a global impact – like the development of a new test capable of detecting positive cases of Covid-19 from saliva.

In all, 39 scientific studies have received investment. All supported projects have been divided into the categories:
- Vaccines
- Healthcare
- Evolution
- Management and Control
- Pathogenesis and Natural History
- Prevention and Control

In addition to the scientific research, JBS, through the “Fazer O Bem Faz Bem”, has also supported the construction of a new plant at the Instituto Butantan to produce vaccine, doubling the production capacity of the immunizer. The company contributed R$ 5 million.