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JBS Green Platform

The JBS Green Platform is an unprecedented initiative that will cross-reference information about the company’s suppliers with livestock transportation data. The technology will enable it to extend to the other links in the production chain the socioenvironmental monitoring that already applies to the company’s suppliers in the Amazon thereby also identifying, monitoring and analyzing the suppliers of the Company's direct suppliers.

The platform will employ blockchain technology precisely to provide confidentiality and security of access to the information and transparency in the analyses of suppliers. The information collated by the platform will be integrated into the JBS Supplier Monitoring System, which will analyze the data based on the JBS Responsible Procurement Policy. The work will be audited, and the results reported in the Annual Sustainability Report.

The initiative will be developed and implemented in 4 phases:

Phase 1


In the first phase, by December/2020, we will completed:

  • Blockchain Platform

  • Strategy of Communication and Engagement with the supply chain

Phase 2


The second phase sees the beginning of the analyses of the suppliers of the direct suppliers of JBS state of Mato Grosso and notification of the project to the entire livestock farming sector

Phase 3


In the third phase, the project will be extended to the other states located in the Amazon Biome

Phase 4

Mandatory adherence

In the fourth phase, , adherence by direct suppliers to the Green Platform becomes a condition for selling cattle to JBS