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Compliance department initiates 2021 training cycle

Content will be available throughout the entire year and comes with accessibility resources for persons with disabilities

The Compliance Training Cycle is now live and during this year the content will be available so that JBS team members are even more in tune with the Company’s guidelines and values. The first content, which kicked off the 2021 Cycle, is about Anticorruption. The topic is presented with a new and exclusive approach for the JBS administration personnel.

The aim of this year’s Anticorruption training is to recall, and ensure that team members better understand, the commitment of JBS to anticorruption practices, while also seeking to raise awareness about the adverse impacts that corruption can cause in different scenarios. The training raises issues like public and private sector corruption, bribery, guidelines on receiving and giving gifts, entertainment and donations, as well as instructions so that team members can behave in an honest and transparent manner in their day-to-day relations with government officers, suppliers, third parties and clients.

Marcelo Proença, Global Compliance Executive Officer, says that for the first time the training sessions will have accessibility resources for persons with impaired hearing and sight. “Our commitment is to become a company that is increasingly inclusive and provides new opportunities. The company has huge diversity, and it is a challenge to communicate with so many people. So, making our training sessions available with accessibility resources is a fundamental step so that all our team members enjoy the experience of appropriate learning”, says Proença.

Also in this first semester, content about Harassment and Discrimination will be available. In the second semester, the training on the Code of Conduct and Ethics will be available to all Company team members. “We have improved our activities with every passing year and we are trying to lead by example, ensuring the integrity of our business by having our team members evolve on issues of Compliance”, Proença explains.