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Kind Leather has the best score in the fashion industry sustainability index

The Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI) evaluates the point-to-point sustainability of the manufacture of materials intended for clothing and footwear; JBS leather takes center stage in all categories on the index

Kind Leather by JBS Couros is recognized as the most sustainable leather on the market, because of its efficient and innovative production process that removes at the start of the process the parts of the leather que that would be of little use, since this material can still be routed to other industries – like pharmaceuticals and food, transforming waste into raw materials and making a significant contribution to the sustainability of the entire value chain. With all these differentials, Kind Leather has just been awarded yet another important recognition: the best score in the industry on the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (Higg MSI).

Higg MSI is a global index that evaluates different materials used in the fashion industry, like cotton, leather, plastics, textiles, metal and rubber. The production of these materials is analyzed in categories like Global Warming Potential, Water Usage, Fuels Usage and the Use of Chemical Products.
The lower the number on the index, the smaller the impact on the environment. To have an idea, in the Global Warming Potential category, Kind Leather scores 8, while the global average for the industry is 34.3, wool scores 45.2 points and cotton 8.8.

“This important recognition opens many doors and markets. Top brands in this segment use the index as the basis for entering into partnerships and choosing the most appropriate materials for their production. Besides being able to compare our leather against the industry, it is also possible to make a comparison with several other materials based on technical evidence. Kind Leather produces the best result in the industry, revealing itself as the most sustainable option for designers”, Kim Sena, Sustainability Manager at JBS Couros explains.