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With a donation from JBS, the Abaré School Hospital ship will extend its services to riverine, quilombola and indigenous communities in Pará

Donation of R$ 320,000 will enable the vessel to be repaired and equipped to provide medical and dental assistance to 20,000 inhabitants in 70 communities

The Abaré School Hospital Ship, which provides medical and dental treatment to over 70 riverine, quilombola and indigenous communities in the eastern part of Pará State, has received a donation of R$ 320,000 from the JBS social responsibility program, Good Deeds Are Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity.

The vessel is run by the Federal University of the West of Pará (Ufopa) and functions as a River-borne Basic Health Unit serving an area with a population of 20,000 inhabitants. Family health resident students –nursing, pharmacy and dentistry graduates – usually accompany the onboard healthcare teams as part of their training. That is why the vessel is considered to be a school hospital ship. Given the distance between the communities and the urban centers, for many people the professionals onboard the vessel is their only access to healthcare services.

The resources donated by JBS will be used to maintain the vessel, both in respect of its inboard and outboard nautical structures, and the physical infrastructure of the spaces and equipment where medical and dental services are provided, as well as nursing, administering of vaccines and doing quick tests during the journeys along the banks of the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers.

The investment will also allow the expansion of the vessel’s capacity for executing minor surgeries, thanks to the purchase of an electric scalpel, a surgical focus, laryngoscope and a stitching kit. The resources will also improve the quality of the service to the population. Prenatal checkups for expectant mothers in the riverine communities will benefit from leading-edge equipment like obstetric doppler equipment. The dental surgery will receive a new chair and an ultrasound system. The capacity to administer vaccines will be boosted by the purchase of an immunobiological product conservation chamber. The vessel will also be equipped to carry out blood tests using an automatic analyzer for hematology.

“We believe it is fundamental to support projects that enable secure and quality treatment for riverine communities that have very little access to healthcare services on account of the distance from urban centers. In addition, this donation leaves a permanent legacy for the population, which they will be able to enjoy even after the period of the pandemic is over”, says Fernando Meller, executive officer for People & Management of Seara and manager of the Good Deeds Are Good program.

“With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the team attended last year to communities in which almost 100% were affected by the disease”, says Flávia Rebello, director of the Integrated Network for Human Development (RIDH), the sector of the Federal University of Western Pará (Ufopa) in charge of managing the Abaré.

Expedition of the Abaré began on April 13 on the Tapajós river, in the municipality of Santarém (PA), and provided services to 44 communities that are home to 8,000 people.

JBS hands over extension work at health center in Rolândia

On April 23, JBS handed over the extension work at the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Unit in the Vila Oliveira district of Rolândia (PR). Following the construction of a new wing to the building, which now has a total area of approximately 1650 m², the A&E unit now has 10 clinical beds and continues to be the benchmark institution in regional hospital services.

The donation by the company also includes 18 new items of hospital equipment, namely one respirator, two cardioverters, four infusion pumps, four portable aspirators, one electrocardiogram and six monitors, four for vetting and the other two multiparameter. All the electrical and hydraulic infrastructure services were undertaken, including brickwork, paintwork and the finishing of internal and external structures of the newly built area. The extension project for the health center and equipment saw JBS disburse R$ 812,000 under its social responsibility program, “Good Deeds Are Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity”.

Since last year, JBS has shipped to the municipality 60 oximeters, 20 digital clinical thermometers, 10 clinical beds, 10 vital signs monitors, two hospital gurneys, two electrocardiograms on trolleys and 71,500 items of individual protective equipment, like scrubs, impermeable overalls, N95 masks, and shoe and head coverings.

Rolândia is one of the more than 310 municipalities benefiting from the program in Brazil. In Paraná, JBS donated R$ 20.2 million, of which R$ 10 million to the state and R$ 10.2 million to 15 in-state cities, benefiting over 3 million people.

Good Deeds Are Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity

Throughout Brazil, the Good Deeds Are Good program has already donated R$ 400 million to anti-pandemic initiatives in over 300 cities, in 26 States and in the Federal District. It is estimated that the Company’s actions have benefitted 77 million people.

The program’s resources are being allocated on three fronts: health, social assistance and science. The resources have been allocated taking into account a diagnosis using municipal and state healthcare systems, and included interviews and data analysis. This information was evaluated by specialists on the three independent committees of the JBS program in the healthcare, social and science fields and who, with extensive experience in their respective fields of operation, provided support in defining the actions and projects attended to.

The Good Deeds Are Good program has already enabled two permanent hospitals to be built, as well as delivering 88 ambulances, over 400 respirators, more than 1400 multiparameter monitors, 18 million items of PPE, in addition to 560,000 food parcels, among other items. Refurbishment and extension work has also been carried out at 15 health centers.

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