Supporting Science



The scientific committee indicates, qualifies, and selects the projects aimed at confronting the new coronavirus, as well as the scientific and technological development designed for the same purpose. So far, the JBS Doing Good Does Good program has contributed R$ 17.3 million. The CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) also provides support in identifying new projects. To date, approval has been given to:


Fiocruz (BA) – Prognostics on how the disease develops, with clinical and basic care data, using artificial intelligence.

Fiocruz (PE) – Protecting and attending to the indigenous population against Covid-19.

Hospital das Clínicas (SP) – Study and mapping of Covid-19 in immunocompromised patients.

Fiocruz (RJ) – Risk of transmission within the home, seroprevalence research, immune response, and genomic dynamics.

Universidade de Pelotas (RS) – Evolution of prevalence of Covid-19 in Brazil: population-based study.

Neoprospecta (SC) – Epidemiological and diagnostic control in hospital environments

Enebras (SP) – Negative pressure equipment to increase the bed capacity dedicated to patient isolation.

App Escala / Einstein (SP) – Diagnostics using apps and artificial intelligence.

Hoobox / Rad (SP) – Returnto-work screening using artificial intelligence.

ePHealth (SC) – Epidemiological monitoring

Eco Diagnóstica (MG) – Epidemiological diagnostics / control.

Centro Genoma (SP) – Molecular diagnostics for Covid-19 testing.