Diversity and Inclusion

JBS prizes the diversity of origins, languages and cultures that provide the opportunity to have employees with varied skills, which is important for the success of your business.

The Company understands that it is important to assess leadership positions by category, in order to promote gender and racial equality. This entire process is in line with the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, published by the company in 2021 to promote and defend human rights in its operations and value chain, and in the communities where it operates. The results will be seen over the next few years.

The guidelines of this policy are based on three main pillars: Diversity and Inclusion, Equal Opportunities and Respect for Diversity. All actions aim to maintain an increasingly inclusive and welcoming space for differences, to adopt measures that guarantee and promote equal access, permanence and opportunities in all areas and positions for any and all Company professionals, as well as the constant awareness of the impacts of these actions.

To assist in the preparation of actions, the Company hired RM Consulting, which will develop the social literacy of the senior management of JBS on issues related to Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally, JBS has joined the Women’s 360 Movement (Movimento Mulheres 360), an initiative that brings together more than 60 large companies. The objective is to expand the participation of women in the corporate environment.

JBS is also committed to reflect in its leadership the gender, ethnic and racial diversity of the communities in which it operates.


Leadership by gender (Brazil)20202019
Leadership by race (Brazil)20202019
Black or African American26.5%25.8%
Native American0.1%0.1%
Not declared or informed0.7%0.5%