Guarantee of Origin

The Company is aware of its role as a benchmark in the value chain, which starts with the procurement of raw materials, which has a significant influence on the value chain, from raw material suppliers adopting good practices to the final quality of products.

The acquisition of raw materials is based on the principles of responsible procurement, this means They are based not only on compliance with local regulations, but also in line with the most sustainable practices in the sector.

icon emergency blue JBS does not purchase from those involved with:
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Invasion of indigenous lands

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Invasion of environmental conservation units

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Environmental embargo

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Quilombola territories

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Involvement in heinous crimes

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Work analogous to slavery

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Riscos repuacionais à JBS

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JBS has in Brazil a robust social-environmental monitoring system to monitor and check if the activities from its cattle suppliers comply with social-environmental criteria established by its Policy on Responsible Raw Material Purchase, in order to guarantee a sustainable supply chain. Learn more about JBS's management in the cattle supply chain.

Distributed across an area of 920,000 square kilometers throughout Brazil - equivalent to three times the size of Italy.

When farms that do not meet the Company's criteria and the Supplier Monitoring Protocol of the Federal Prosecution Office of Brazil (MPF) are identified, the system automatically blocks the registration of those supplier farms, making any commercial operation impossible until the situation is regularized.

All cattle purchases and the monitoring system itself are independently audited annually by a third-party certifier.

In the United States and Canada, livestock suppliers must sign a statement indicating compliance with government regulations and animal welfare certification programs such as Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) or equivalent.

In Australia, a National Declaration of Suppliers (NVD) is required. In addition, before leaving the property where they were bred the animals must be identified with a device approved by the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).

The origin quality of poultry is guaranteed by the partnership between the Company and producers, which includes the supply of all inputs, technical and veterinary support. As for pork, in addition to working together with producers, purchases meet all legal requirements of the country of origin.


Find out more about company's Land Use Policy in Brazil.