JBS’ corporate governance structure is responsible for the company’s investment strategies, guiding and monitoring the company’s relationship with its shareholders and other stakeholders, ensuring ongoing value generation and sustainable business development.  All employees are advised to conduct themselves ethically, transparently and focus on results, in line with the company’s culture and Ethical Conduct Manual.

Board of Directors

The JBS Board of Directors has 8 members with a unified two-year term of office. Board members may be reelected and are responsible for defining policy, guiding business and strategy, monitoring company performance and supervising management.

The JBS Board is supported by six specific committees that assist with strategic business decisions:

Executive Committee:advises the Board on Company management, potential acquisitions, divestments, investments, joint ventures and strategic alliance proposals; and drawing up and revising an annual/multi-year budget and an annual investment plan, as well as providing general business guidance.

Sustainability Committee: identifies and deals with critical issues that pose a risk to or may have a significant impact on the company.  It is also responsible for recommending and monitoring business sustainability policy and implementing strategy.

Audit Committee: is responsible for analyzing corporate financial statement rules, standards, disclosure procedures and transparency. It also assesses performance of internal control systems and internal and external audits.

Financial and Risk Management Committee: assists the Board and Statutory Management to analyze how the global economy affects JBS financial policy.  It produces trends and scenarios to assess risks and create strategic opportunities for the company’s financial policy. It also improves market and credit risk management and control procedures as a means of reducing the risk of price variations while creating value for shareholders.

Governance Committee: will implement practices and policies based on the highest global standards of corporate governance and compliance. The committee has three members and is chaired by Tarek Farahat, JBS chairman.

Personnel Management Committee: proposes performance assessment criteria, compensation policy and implements meritocratic practices at all levels of the company.  It also evaluates candidates for election to the Board of Directors. 



Lançamos o novo Código de Conduta e Ética da JBS e também o novo Código de Conduta para Parceiros de Negócio. Mais abrangente e mais fácil de consultar, o Código influenciará os nossos negócios no mundo todo.

O Código de Conduta e Ética atualizado reflete nosso compromisso de operar de forma íntegra e transparente. Conheça:

Código de Conduta e Ética (Português)

Código de Conduta e Ética (Inglês)

Código de Conduta e Ética (Espanhol)

Código de Conduta para Parceiros de Negócio (Português)

Código de Conduta para Parceiros de Negócio (Inglês)

Código de Conduta para Parceiros de Negócio (Espanhol)

Confira também o Audiobook:

Audiobook Código de Conduta e Ética


  • José Batista Sobrinho, president

    José Batista Sobrinho was named JBS president in September 2017. Zé Mineiro was the first president of the Company, which was founded by him in 1953. He has been a member of the Board of Directors for more than ten years.

  • Gilberto Tomazoni , Chief Operating Officer

    Tomazoni has been with the company since 2013, having held positions as president of the poultry division, president of Seara and global president of operations. He has more than 30 years in senior positions in the food industry and is chairman of the Board of Directors of Pilgrim's Pride Corporation.

  • Wesley Batista Filho, South America Operations president

    Wesley Batista Filho holds the position since September 2017. He was most recently president of JBS USA's beef division, having held senior leadership positions at JBS in five countries since 2010.

  • André Nogueira, President of JBS USA

    André has been president of JBS USA since 2013 and he sits on the boards of several companies, including Pilgrim's Pride, Scott Technology, the North American Meat Institute and the Advisory Committee of Rabobank's North American Agribusiness.

  • Vincent Trius, Global President of New Projects

    Vincent was appointed global president of new projects at JBS in September 2015. After joining JBS in 2014, Vincent has been responsible for structuring the Swift Mercado da Carne project in Brazil, the US and Mexico.

  • Joanita Karoleski, President of Seara

    Joanita joined JBS in 2013 and was appointed president of Seara in September 2015. She has more than 20 years of experience in the food and agricultural industries.

  • José Roberto Coimbra Tambasco, President of Swift Mercado da Carne

    José Roberto has been president of the Swift Meat Market since August 2016 and has over 35 years retail experience during his career at the Pão de Açúcar Group.

  • Renato Costa, President of JBS Carnes

    Renato has 31 years experience in the meatpacking industry and is currently president of JBS Carnes, a position he has held since 2011. The executive joined the company in 2010 as an Executive Director for the beef business.

  • Nelson Dalcanale, President of JBS Novos Negócios

    Nelson joined JPS in 2000 and became president of Swift and Swift Argentina in 2007. In 2011, he was appointed president of JBS Novos Negócios, a unit that operates in sectors related to the company’s core business.

  • Roberto Motta, President of JBS Couros

    Roberto, who grew up in a family involved in the leather business, brought his extensive leather industry experience to JBS in 2010 when he was appointed president of JBS Couros.


The JBS Ombudsman is an impartial, secure and confidential channel for any issues, in accordance with rights, legislation and JBS' policies.