To ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of all its products and meet the needs and demands from its customers and consumers,

JBS has strict process in its entire production chain. Principles such as Transparency, Integrity, Authenticity and Innovation rule the Company’s operation in the four pillars – Food Safety, Food Quality, Food Fraud and Food Defense –, sustaining the TRUST from the most important and discerning clients in the world.

Innovation is part of the strategy of JBS.

Food Safety

Food protection

Protect foods from contamination by agents that may occur in the production chain.

Food Fraud

Protection against food fraud

Protect against food fraud caused deliberately to generate financial gains by tampering the products or by availability of deceiving information.

Food Defense

Food protection

Protect foods from intentionalcontamination that is unlikely to occur in the production chain.

Food Quality

Food quality

Ensure the compliance with pre-established standards on food characteristics and performance. The company meets specifications from the industry, customers and consumers, striving for product standardization.