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Products included in the range hold MSC and ASC certification, recognizing the brand’s sustainable fishing practices and environmental responsibility


São Paulo, October 16, 2019 – Swift has recently added five new products to its fish portfolio, all now available in high street stores and retailers. The range now has 55 SKU options including cod, fresh and salt water fish and seafood.

Applying a disruptive sales concept for frozen food sales, all Swift products comply with stringent quality standards – from factory to table. The products also offer consumers day-to-day convenience using IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology, which freezes products individually and helps maintain their freshness and characteristics.

Here are the new Swift products:

Premium Salmon Steak (650g) – High-quality fish with a subtle flavor that is easy to prepare. The standard size steak, taken from the central portion of the fish, is nutritious and delicious, rich in Omega 3 and perfect for grilling, roasting or barbecuing. Fished in Chilean Patagonia, it is the only salmon to receive ASC sustainability certification in Brazil.

Premium Salmon Fillet (900g) – This product is also fished in Chilean Patagonia and has ASC sustainability certification. Grilled, roasted or barbecued, this nutritious option also helps lower cholesterol.

Alaska Pollock Fillet (400g)

The lean, firm, white Swift Alaska Pollock Fillet complies with strict protection and quality controls. This product, which has MSC sustainability certification, is frozen just once while still aboard ship in Alaska and contains no chemical additives. This freezing method and innovative format offers greater convenience and packs flavor into fried, grilled or roasted recipes.



Rainbow Trout Fillet (weight varies)

A part of the salmon family, our trout are raised in the wild at the top of the Mantiqueira Mountains in pollution-free water. This fish has great flavor, soft meat and is virtually bone-free, ready to be simply grilled or used as an ingredient in other dishes.


Lemon and herb salmon (200g)

This super-convenient and easy-to-prepare Lemon and Herb Salmon by Swift is the ideal size for a quick and easy meal that is full of flavor ad is suitable for special occasions or everyday meals. The product has ASC sustainability certification and comes in direct-to-microwave packaging for even greater convenience.


In 2017, Swift became the first company in Latin America to have a range of fish products with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) international seals which certify sustainable fishing practices that protect species diversity and the environment.

In August, the brand’s specialist chef, who is part of the Swift R&D team, attended the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Cochran Fellowship Program, which provides practical training on the fish and seafood market on a range of issues from technical knowledge to commercial, management, social, environmental and marketing capabilities. Held in Alaska, the course content will be made available to employees, customers and consumers through recipe books, social media content, tasting events, sales training and other initiatives.



About Swift
Swift started out in the United States in 1855 , where it revolutionized beef processing, distribution and sales and became part of the lives of thousands or people around the world. After it was acquired by JBS in 2007, the brand has gone from strength to strength and gained greater visibility based on its unique and innovative service strategy. Swift has adopted a system that controls the entire production chain, from animal selection to a strict temperature controls during transportation and point of sale display, guaranteeing product standardization and quality and service excellence.


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