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“Casa com Seara”  (House with Seara) campaign by WMcCann and SunsetDDB, carried out at Score points of sale, will give away gift cards, three houses and end with a R$ 1 million draw

On Thursday, 6, Seara, a JBS business unit, launched its “House with Seara” (“Casa com Seara”) campaign to increase its market share and consolidate its leadership in frozen foods. According to the company, the campaign theme represents its long-lasting partnership with consumers and retailers, which is built on trust.

The nationwide campaign developed by WMcCann and SunsetDDB will run from July 1 to September 30 at Score outlets. The campaign will give away daily gift cards, three houses (one per month) and end with a R$ 1 million draw. Anyone who wants to take part should go to the on the campaign website and register a receipt for more than R$ 15 in brand purchases.

According to José Cirilo, the company’s executive director of marketing, Seara is currently in a very strong position; revenues rose 6% year on year in the first quarter of 2019. “The plan is to consolidate our leadership in the frozen food industry. We currently have a 20% share of the market. This figure has more than doubled in the past four years”, he said.

The director also underlined Seara’s efforts to find growth and guarantee product quality, noting that the emotional link provided by the “Não é só sobre comida” (It’s not only about food) campaign from May focused specifically on the emotional bonds that tie people together.

As a result of the campaign’s focus on human relationships, the company will have couples Rodrigo Faro/Vera Viel and Otaviano Costa/Flávia Alessandra acting as its as ambassadors, as well as Sabrina Sato/Duda Nagle and Camila Queiroz/Klebber Toledo as digital influencers, alongside other couples to be announced in due course. “We work with small, medium and large-scale influencers. Each campaign has its own set of people involved. These influencers have incredible digital engagement”, said Cirilo.

Klebber Toledo and Camila Queiroz said they are honored to be a part of the Seara team because they believe in and identify with the company. Rodrigo Faro agreed, saying “it is much easier to talk about and believe in a brand you use at home. We begin with quality and move on to the fundamental aspect of human relationships”, he said.


Cirilo says the campaign has been built on a robust, multi-platform communication strategy, including free-to-air and cable TV, digital, CRM, influencers and point of sale activities. The director said the company has increased media investment 40% this year, with 60% of the budget earmarked for communications and another 40% for in-store activations.

In addition to bringing aboard influencers and hiring additional sales staff the Brazilian biggest state capitals, the Seara marketing director also said the company will have marketing material in at least 65% of the points of sale surveyed by Nielsen. “There will be an impact on the customer as soon as he walks into the store, as one of our strategies is to really dominate the point-of-sale”, said Cirilo.

Vegan burger

Seara is also ready to market the Incredible Burger, its vegan vegetable burger, which Cirilo said the company began producing on Monday, 3, and should arrive at stores in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina in the next fortnight and reach other regions within a year. “The vegetable meat issue is not a one-off opportunity for Seara, we have been considering this approach since last year. In our view, this isn’t a trend, it is something that is here to stay”, he said.

Source: Meio & Mensagem Online