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A decade after starting its pilot project, the Itapiranga unit is the first in the broiler production and poultry processing industry worldwide to receive this certificate


Sao Paulo, March 14, 2018  Seara’s production unit in Itapiranga (SC) received its Poultry Compartmentalization Certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) today (14). Seara is the world first broiler production, poultry processing and export company to receive the certificate.

The certificate is based on MAPA Normative Instructions 18 and 21, which means the plant has a higher health status, which reduces the risk from trade sanctions imposed on Brazil by other countries in the event of major health issues arising.

“We were among the first to take up the initiative proposed by the World Health Organization (OIE) and MAPA over ten years ago. The certificate proves we have made significant investments in our quality processes to meet the most stringent international requirements, which means Seara is now a benchmark for the rest of the food industry”, said Joanita Karoleski, Seara CEO.

Compartmentalization is a preventive system used to increase biosecurity and reduce the risk of introducing agents that could cause poultry diseases, going further than geographical delimitation (regionalization). This means that only eggs, chicks, feed, wood shavings and broilers within the predetermined area are allowed to enter the plant.

“This is a strategic project that will support the Company’s business sustainability, as the compartment involves requires high biosecurity procedures”, said José Antonio Ribas Junior, Farm and Livestock director at Seara.

The project includes 21 poultry breeding centers, two incubators and the Itapiranga meatpacking plant; the feed plants in Sao Miguel do Oeste and Itapiranga;  283 chicken breeders and three wood shaving factories.

Work began in 2007 as part of an OIE and MAPA initiative, with support from the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), Cidasc (the Santa Catarina Integrated Farming Development Company) and the Santa Catarina government.

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