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The project jointly created by Seara, Globosat and the brand’s agencies will include

customized activities and content airing on GNT and Nhac GNT


São Paulo, April 24, 2019 – This Thursday (25), Seara Gourmet will present the Gourmet Moment, a project developed as part of a dynamic co-creation effort at the Globosat LAB involving Seara, Globosat and the SunsetDDB and WMcCann agencies. The initiative will be unveiled during a special edition of the Que Marravilha! television program with a special set created for the Que Marravilha! – Gourmet Moment segment. Claude Troisgrois, alongside his loyal assistant Batista, will prepare recipes using products from the new range, encouraging viewers to use the products to create their own gourmet moments at home. Over nine months, chef Claude will be the host and spokesperson for the project, which will focus on gastronomic consumers and use Seara’s premium range products.

“Seara Gourmet products, like chef Claude’s creations, are made using carefully selected raw materials that please even the most demanding palates. The project was developed to make gourmet food more accessible for the general public and show everything you do with it. We believe bringing in a chef to promote the initiative will broaden the messages and experiences we want to convey”, said José Cirilo, executive director of Marketing at Seara Alimentos.

Throughout the year, GNT will show custom teasers featuring chef Claude, false breaks during the program and 24 different vignettes during commercials, showcasing recipes that use Seara Gourmet products, all of which will also be shared via the Nhac GNT content hub. The content will cover issues such as gourmet trends, experimentation, practicality and recipes for festive occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and seasonal dishes, for example, for winter. GNT will include the Gourmet Moment on its schedule as part of the project. A second special episode of Que Marravilha! will air at the end of the year, concluding the initiative.

“GNT is a culinary benchmark and the ideal platform to connect the Seara Gourmet range with highly engaged people interested in gourmet food. The entire project is a collaborative venture, bringing together expertise, ideas, information and knowledge about consumers. The result is a complete, multi-platform campaign that reflects the brand’s goals. Providing the brand with support from our full team during a group dynamic at the Globosat LAB and working with the SunsetDDB and WMcCann, Seara and Globosat teams proves our ability to develop customized solutions for the brand’s current challenges”, said Fred Müller, Executive Director of Sales at Globosat.

About Seara
Seara has been on Brazilian shelves and dining tables for over 60 years. It is a Brazilian food brand that is fully committed to product quality and offers a wide range of natural pork and poultry products as well as prepared and processed foods. Sold nationwide, Seara currently supplies ready to eat products to millions of Brazilian homes annually, catering to a wide range of different tastes. These products include Chicken, Pork, Breaded Product, Hamburger, Ready-to-eat Dishes, Cold Cuts, Ingredients and Vegetables, Pizzas, Sausages and the special Seara Monica’s Gang brand.


About Seara Gourmet
Seara Gourmet is a premium range from Seara Alimentos that offers superior quality products made from carefully selected raw materials using innovative production processes that include some steps that are carried out by hand. Some of the recipes also include imported products that provide distinctive textures and flavors. The full range include Special Cold Cuts (Capocollo, Parma Ham and Salami), Hamburgers (Polpetone, Rump Cap, Angus, Breaded Chicken, Mushroom Mix, Pepper Mix and Traditional Burgers), Special Dishes (Pork Ribs and Sliced Loin with Barbecue Sauce), Special Sausages and German Sausages.