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JBS is the world’s largest protein company with 234 units and 230,000 team members.

The company does not tolerate any deviations from our industry leading quality standards. In response to news reports regarding the operation of the Brazilian Federal Police, the company shared the following facts:
1) JBS exports to more than 150 countries, including strategic export markets such as Germany and Japan. The company isaudited annually by international regulatory authorities and customers;
2) JBS Brazil has the highest number of BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified facilities. BRC is the leading global certification body for food safety and quality. In addition, JBS Brazil follows all ISO 9001 quality management standards;
3) In the last two years, JBS Brazil has participated in 340 quality control audits and holds our suppliers to equally high standards.
4) JBS Brazil employs more than 2,000 professionals dedicated exclusively to guaranteeing the quality of our products. More than 70,000 JBS team members undergo compulsory training in this area annually;
5) JBS has long supported stronger sanitary inspection policies in Brazil. We believe a rigorous quality control system gives the industry credibility with our consumers and enhances export opportunities;
6) In the Federal Court order that triggered the operation, there are no allegations of health irregularities or charges concerning the quality of JBS products or brands;
7) The cases cited in media reports about adulterated products do not involve any of the JBS brands. No JBS plant has been closed by the authorities;
8) Contrary to some media reports, no officer or executive of the company has been the subject of the investigation;
9) One JBS Brazil employee was cited in the investigation. JBS condemns any misconduct related to this matter and will take appropriate action if warranted;
10) JBS Brazil has made itself available to the authorities, customers and consumers for any clarification that may be necessary;
JBS stands by the integrity of our products and quality control processes. The safety and quality of our food is our number one priority.