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Jerky and potato pie, jerky with onions, manioc gnocchi with jerky and jerky risotto with cheese curds. All these recipes makes us hungry and now you have a helping hand to make them. In November, Friboi is launching its Pulled Jerky, which will be available in 200 g packs. The product is already desalted and read to eat, does not contain gluten and 100 grams contains just 137 kilocalories.

“We are bringing traditional jerky recipes to the tables of Brazilian consumers. Our product is pre-selected and comes with little fat, which means consumers don’t need to clean the meat, avoiding waste”, said João Audi, director for JBS Carnes, responsible for developing and marketing jerked beef products. “Additionally, a 200 gram box can serve up to 4 people after it has been prepared and added to other ingredients, such as onion and bell pepper, which are usually found in many recipes”, he said.

Initially the Pulled Jerky will be available in supermarkets in the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro, but the company make it available nationwide by the end of the year. Recommended price – R$ 26.99.



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