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Phase at Friboi plant in Campo Grande closes the 2019 edition of the Nelore Circuit of Quality

At the event, more than 1,500 animals from 15 cattle breeders in the region were assessed Sao Paulo, December 13, 2019 – The 26 th and final phase of the Nelore Circuit of Quality, held at the Friboi plant in Campo Grande (MS), reported considerable results. With the participation from 15 cattle breeders, 1,567 male and female animals were assessed. It was the largest slaughter in the Circuit this year, according to the Brazilian Association of Nelore Breeders (ACNB) and the local Association of Nelore reeders (ASCN).

In Campo Grande, 1,175 males were assessed, of which 97.8% had up to 2 permanent incisor teeth (p.i.t.), with 71.3% had baby teeth. Also, 77.7% of the animals presented medium or uniform fat cover, and average weight of 20 arrobas.

“This phase ended the Circuit in 2019 on a high note, stressing the quality of the Nelore breed that was seen throughout the year, with extremely young, heavy animals with good finishing,” highlights André Locateli, executive manager of ACNB.

“The results from the 2019 Nelore Circuit exceeded our expectations, both in number of animals assessed and in meat quality. We were very happy with how the breeders were receptive to the Nelore Natural protocol, a standard that confirms the breed’s leading role in Brazilian cattle breeding and positions the Brazilian cattle among the best in the world,” states Eduardo Pedroso, Sourcing director at Friboi.

Cattle breeder Adilton Boff Cardoso stood out by winning the Gold Medal for the best batch of male carcasses in the phase, obtaining the highest score in the assessment criteria. His batch had 108 animals, all of them with baby teeth (less than 2 years old), medium or uniform fat, and average weight of 20.5 arrobas. With this batch, Adilton Boff Cardoso reaffirmed the leadership he had held, until then, with the winning batch in the phase at the Friboi plant in Nova Andradina (MS), thus winning the Gold Medal in the national male championship.

In addition to Boff, the male batches from Sérgio Batista Marques and Murilo Zanatta Estevam were also awarded, winning respectively the Silver Medal and the Bronze Medal.

Concerning females, 392 animals were assessed, with 77.9% of them having up to 2 permanent incisor teeth (p.i.t.), 89.8% with medium or uniform fat cover, and average weight of 15.3 arrobas. The best Female Carcass batch in Campo Grande was presented by Otacilio Bogue de Rezende, who won the Gold Medal. Carlos Alberto Loeff got the Silver Medal and Epaminondas Nogueira de Camargo, the Bronze Medal.

With this result from the last phase of the Circuit, Bogue also won the Bronze Medal in the national female championship.

InNelore Circuit of Quality

InHeld by the Brazilian Association of Nelore Breeders (ACNB), the Nelore Circuit of Quality strengthens and promotes the genetics and meat of this breed of animals, contributing to increase the productivity of the Brazilian cattle breeding. It is an initiative that assesses results achieved by the breeders, each one in their reality and production system.

InPromoted since 1999, the Circuit also has support from Friboi and from Matsuda Sementes e Nutrição Animal. This year, 26 phases were held in 11 states. More than 21,000 animals were evaluated, a record for the Circuit.

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