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The company is launching ingredients for dairy products and presenting new applications for its existing ranges

It will also publish a study on the efficiency of Novapro® Hidro (the hydrolyzed collagen range)


São Paulo, August 2, 2017 – NovaProm – Collagen & Food Ingredients, a JBS company, will be attending FISA (Food Ingredients South America), the world’s leading event for food ingredients and which will be held at Sao Paulo’s Transamerica Expo Center, from August 22 to 24. A traditional industry event, FISA will attract a wide range of raw materials suppliers from 36 countries, creating a forum where they can exchange experiences and drive new business.


This is NovaProm’s fifth FISA. During FISA, the company will be announcing the launch of its NovaLac range of ingredients for dairy products – dairy beverages, processed cheeses and yoghurts – which are based on functional collagen. The new product will add texture and increase yields, in addition to improving stability.


“This year, we will have an open kitchen preparing and serving recipes that contain our ingredients, giving the public an opportunity to experience the characteristics our ingredients add to food in real time”, said Melina Valim, a manager at NovaProm – Collagen & Food Ingredients.


The company will also be presenting new applications for the NovaPro®, Novapro® SF and Ingredientes® ranges, which have been improved for use in the processed meat products sector. “Every year, we are strengthening our reputation as suppliers of ingredients to the processed meat products sector and ingredient solution providers to the overall food industry”, said Melina. The executive said that attending FISA gives the company an opportunity to increase its customer base, principally in areas where NovaProm did not previously operate.


Based in Brazil, the business unit is the largest manufacturer of bovine collagen in the world and exports to customers in over 20 countries. Created in 2002 – NovaProm – Collagen & Food Ingredients is capable of producing 5 thousand tons of collagen/year and 4 thousand tons/year of functional ingredients for processed products.


Scientific study – the effectiveness of collagen
NovaProm will also be publishing the results from a clinical trial carried out to assess the efficiency of NovaProm® Hidro, the company’s hydrolyzed collagen range. The 90-day survey studied women between 40 and 60 years of age, concluding that regular collagen consumption has benefits and can help reduce expression lines and wrinkles, helping to hydrate the skin while making it firmer and more elastic.


“We found skin is likelier to improve with a higher dosage, however benefits are also apparent at lower dosages”, said Melina. The study also showed that length of usage is also a relevant factor, but benefits can also been seen in just a short period of time.



About JBS
JBS is one of the world’s leading food industry companies with approximately 235,000 employees in over 20 countries. The company owns a portfolio of brands that are acknowledged for their excellence and innovation, such , as Doriana, Friboi, Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Pride, Primo, Seara, Swift, Gold’n Plump and others, serving over 300,000 customers of more than 150 nationalities worldwide. The company’s focus on innovation also reflects its management approach to related businesses in areas such , as leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning products, natural wrappings, solid waste management solutions, metal packaging and transportation. JBS has adopted best corporate governance and sustainability practices throughout its value chain and its operational management focuses on guaranteeing high food quality and safety and animal welfare.

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