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The Company will introduce its new Cambré product line-up of footwear and leather goods

at the India International Fair and Raw Material Sourcing Meet


São Paulo, January 23, 2019 – JBS Couros has been in India since 2018 and is fully focused on meeting the stringent expectations of local consumers. The company believes India has all the ingredients needed to become one of the fastest-growing leather markets in the world over the next several years.

With this in mind, the company will be exhibiting at the India International Leather Fair (IILF), which is being held in Chennai from February 01 to 03 and will host some of the country’s biggest leather product manufacturers and representatives.

In parallel with the fair, the company will also be taking advantage of another major opportunity. JBS Couros has received an invitation from the Council for Leather Exports (CLE) to give a special presentation at the Raw Material Sourcing Meet on February 02 at the Hotel ITC Grand Chola, an event that will also be attended from some of India’s biggest leather market representatives.

These events are a major opportunity for JBS Couros to showcase its quality differentials.“During the India International Leather Fair, we will be exhibiting out Cambré range of semi-finished leathers for footwear and leather goods”, said Fernando Bellese, JBS Couros Marketing and Sustainability manager.

The Cambré line-up includes products from the Tango (Argentina), Candombe (Uruguay), Samba (Brazil) and Jazz (USA) ranges.“This is a complete yet versatile portfolio offering customers the ideal raw material for each consumer market and segment, adding value to their end products”, said Bellese.

In addition to the new line-up, the company will also introduce the gaúcho leather, a new quality concept for the market.Many consumers are unaware that the material produced in Uruguai and in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, offer quality comparable to Argentinean leather, which sets the global bar for quality.“The people who live in the Pampas, which are the rural areas of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and Uruguay, as well as Argentina, are known as gauchos.We are bringing the same concept of gaucho leather to products from these regions”, said André Lyra, footwear and leather articles manager at JBS Couros.

Gaucho leathers have very similar characteristics, as the quality of the animals produced there, which come from very similar breeds, means the gaucho leathers are all quite similar.The local climate, which is mild with fairly uniform levels of humidity, also helps to support end product quality.

Because of its privileged position, JBS Couros can offer fast access to these high quality products. André Lyra added that “happily, in addition to the range from Argentina, our Cambré brand also offers products from Uruguay and southern Brazil, which puts us in the comfortable position of being able to meet demand at any scale”.

JBS Couros has a local team developing business opportunities in India and the company plans to continue investing there, offering customers integrated, high quality services to meet their actual requirements, providing responsible, innovative and market-leading solutions.“Our goal is to support our partners and increase their competitiveness in the global market”, said André Lyra.



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