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The plant is doubling its physical infrastructure to connect the US and Asian markets and unveiling a showroom that will display furniture with leather already applied

Over the past several years, JBS Couros has made significant investments at its Vietnam plant to expand installed capacity and build facilities for customers. After investing over US$ 5 million, plant floor space has practically doubled from 18.5 m² to 35.8 m², and the site is now unveiling an imposing showroom.

Customers visiting the new venue will have an opportunity to see and touch finished furniture items. “Presenting our product after it has been applied to the end product gives the customer an opportunity to feel the quality of the leather we produce”, said Guilherme Motta, JBS Couros President. “Touching a finished product that has been applied to furniture is different from simply touching the leather itself. Touching the leather after it has been applied to an item provides a much more complete experience”, he said.

The Vietnam plant produces finished leathers for the furniture industry, particularly for the US and Asian markets, and the new Vietnamese showroom will follow the same approach the Company has taken in the US. There, JBS is well-placed with its own distribution center, dedicated commercial teams and a showroom that also displays furniture items to which leather has been applied.

“Our investments in Vietnam and the new showroom will ensure the US and Asian markets work in sync and remain connected, with products that continue to reflect what local consumers want, wherever they are made”, explained Motta.

The JBS Couros factory in Vietnam has been on a clear path to expansion since it opened in 2014. Output rose 233% between 2014 and 2018 and the number of employees has practically tripled. “We have invested strategically here and have had partners who have helped us understand the local culture and market requirements from the outset. The new showroom will be presenting important options to our customers, both in terms of developing the local market and for building bridges between cross-market trends”, said Motta.

JBS Couros will be welcoming Asian customers at the new venue between June 24 and 28, presenting its product and service portfolio. The investment is part of the JBS Couros global investment strategy. The Company also has industrial platforms in South and North America as well as Europe, given the business unit sufficient flexibility to serve its customers’ various strategies.

Source: Portal do Agronegócio