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JBS partnership with CORPE includes advancement courses and equipment donations


São Paulo, February 2, 2017 – JBS has partnered with the Recycling Cooperative in Penápolis (CORPE), located in the interior of São Paulo, as part of a company program to support cooperative development and increase recycling in Brazil, as well as comply with the National Solid Waste Policy. The agreement, which will run until December 2017, will help resolve social and environmental problems throughout the region through training courses and equipment donations.


Claudia Jardim, a Sustainability specialist at JBS, said the company will monitor the project’s results throughout the year and offer support and consultancy to improve working conditions. “This partnership began in 2016 when we held an intensive, three day training course with cooperative members. We look at issues such as health and safety, cooperativism, management and data reporting. We also donated work uniforms and equipment to make collecting recyclable materials safer and more effective”, she said.


At the start of this year, JBS donated another two items of equipment to CORPE: a glass crusher and the hydraulic press, both of which will be used during the project’s day-to-day activities. Jardim also said that the company will be donating a conveyor belt and the official donation ceremony has been scheduled for February 10 at the company’s corporate headquarters, which will be attended by representatives from the cooperative, JBS, the local City Hall and DAEP – the Penápolis Autonomous Water and Sewage Department.


This project is highly important for JBS and will help increase incomes for cooperative members by increasing recycling. CORPE currently has 43 members and collects over 120,000 kg of recyclable waste from the city’s streets every month. “The environmental gains are evident as well, as the volume of recycling increases, which in turn reduces the risk of improper waste disposal and accumulation in landfills”, added Jardim.


Penápolis has 62,000 inhabitants and since the project began in 2000, CORPE has helped over 1000 people while focusing on helping to protect the environment, recycling and generating income for waste collectors.


About JBS

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