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Awareness campaigns prioritize quality of life, well-being and safe working during day-to-day activities at JBS and life in general


Sao Paulo, September 25, 2018 – JBS is sponsoring Sipat 2018 throughout September, with four-day, intense and wide-ranging schedule that aims to raise awareness of health and safety issues. Workshops, talks and classes available to all Head Office staff.


The Attitude Blitz workshop provided guidance on safe working in all JBS areas, observing the use of handrails and signed lanes and respect for hazard signage. The talks addressed themes such as the importance of practicing sports, financial education, firefighting and prevention, traffic safety, sexuality and STDs. Employees could also take Pilates and aerofight classes.


“Always choose the safe path. It is the path that will take you home.” This is one of the phrases from the safe working campaign, which analyzed safety in and out of the workplace environment. The main message was that each employee is a role model for everyone else around them. The target of another campaign was to encourage employees to take care of the people around them: “Taking care of colleagues is taking care of everyone”. This helped make health and safety a relevant issue throughout the year.

All company units in Brazil have Internal Accident Prevention (CIPA) and Health and Safety Committees.


About JBS
JBS is one of the world’s leading food industry companies with approximately 230 thousand employees in over 20 countries. The Company owns a portfolio of brands that are acknowledged for their excellence and innovation, including Friboi, Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Pride, Primo, Seara, Swift, Gold’n Plump and others, serving over 350,000 customers of more than 150 nationalities worldwide. The company’s focus on innovation also reflects its management approach to related businesses in areas such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning products, natural wrappings, solid waste management solutions, metal packaging and transportation. JBS has adopted best sustainability practices throughout its value chain and constantly monitors its suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced maps of supplier farms and monitors official data from government agencies; the company also focuses on the highest possible food safety and quality standards. The success of JBS’s operations is closely tied to our Animal welfare practices, which are rigorously applied and have received an increasing share of investments to further improve the Company’s efforts in this area, in line with best practices.



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