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São Paulo, October 22, 2019 – Friboi, partnering with MSD Saúde Animal and UNESP (the São Paulo State University), has launched the “Best Animal Handling Practices – In the Cattle Pen” guidebook to improve cattle handling, reduce the risk of accidents and mitigate potential stress-related issues for everyone, humans and animals, involved in the handling process.

These guidebook’s recommendations are the result of three years of scientific studies and practical situations experienced by several research groups from Brazil and other Latin American countries. They outline handling and transportation strategies that will increase output efficiency and improve the lives of everyone involved. These best practices can help mitigate stress stemming from castration or vaccination and improve animal welfare.

The guidebook explains fundamental concepts for working with cattle, such as animal behavior, facility and equipment maintenance, handling strategies and procedures, calf handling in the pen, tips for working with stock horses and a step-by-step pen management guide.

The manual is one of the ways Friboi is commemorating Animal Welfare month and Animal Day, which is held on October 4. Throughout the month, the company will be carrying out a series of related activities, including presentations, meetings and employee training courses. This year, Temple Grandin, the researcher, was involved in one of the company’s animal welfare activities when she visited the Campo Grande (MS) meatpacking plant. Temple is a teacher and researcher at the Colorado State University, USA. Her ideas and research into cattle behavior and handling and cattle pen designs have all served as inspiration for this guidebook and other strategies to develop cattle pens adapted for Brazil.

“Animal welfare is a major issue for the company. We have several initiatives intended to inform and raise awareness among our suppliers, one of which is the guidebook. The idea is to present strategies that reinforce the importance of animal care. These initiatives provide real benefits without the need for major investments”, said Maria Emilia Raucci, Quality Director at Friboi.

The company printed 20 thousand copies of the guidebook’s first edition for distribution to the company’s cattle suppliers. Anyone can obtain a copy of the guidebook from next week, when it will be available at all company meatpacking units. It will also be available on-line, at Giro do Boi. MSD Saúde Animal will also be releasing the guidebook through its animal welfare program, Criando Conexões.



About Friboi

Friboi – the beef business segment of JBS – has been revolutionizing the market for over 40 years by decommoditizing Brazilian beef and building a global benchmark brand.  The company owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands and has a broad product portfolio with the company’s own name brand and market leader Friboi, as well as Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, Reserva Friboi, 1953 Friboi and Swift Black, targeting a variety of different markets. As part of its focus on certified sourcing and food quality and safety, from animal welfare to end product delivery, the company has implemented best sustainability practices across the entire value chain and constantly monitors its cattle suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced farm maps and official government figures. Friboi products are available in over 150 countries and the company currently has 36 production units in Brazil.


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