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The brand will be at the Northeast’s biggest cultural, entertainment and gastronomy center

in the city of Sao Paulo until February 2019


Sao Paulo, October 15, 2018 – Bordon, Brazil’s leading maker of canned protein (beef and poultry) products will be running a range of activities promoting its portfolio at the Center for Northeast Traditions – Centro de Tradições Nordestinas (CTN) – in Sao Paulo.

Tastings of the brand’s top products, including canned meat, tripe, ribs with manioc, mayonnaise salad with chicken and vegetables and feijoada, among other items. These events will be held at the weekends, when the venue attracts the most traffic.

Activation will be implemented by promoters, who will be inviting visitors to try out the products, as well as merchandising on the stage and on screens throughout the CTN venue.

“Each time the brand is involved we try to bring a different product, so visitors have an opportunity to enjoy the full Bordon experience”, said André Amorem, executive sales manager for Prepared Foods at JBS Carnes.

The CTN began in August and over 15 thousand consumers have already tried out Bordon’s products. There are an average two thousand tastings a week.

Created in 1953 to offer preserved foods in the Northeast region, this brand sells throughout the country offering industrialized products such as beans, mayonnaise, chicken, ham, feijoada, meat balls, tripe, ribs with manioc and sausages, all of which are high quality and easy to prepare.

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