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The Seara DaGranja product range provides consumers with information about traceability under the Origin project

The Company is the first in the sector to offer a range of poultry products with a transparent end-to-end production process

Focusing on increasingly transparent, sustainable and innovative operations, Seara has developed a system that combines data referring to every phase of the chicken production process of the Seara DaGranja range, covering all phases from breeding to production. Known as Seara Origin, the technological project involves full tracking of the entire production chain.

Product information can be accessed using a QR Code printed on the packaging of the Seara DaGranja product range which leads to the platform of the initiative. There, the consumer enters the batch number and production date and can access all traceability information about the product, including photos and the location of the property where the birds were bred, details of the partner poultry farm, as well as details of the industrial unit where the chicken was processed.

“Nowadays, people are increasingly tuned into the information about the food they take home, where the products come from and the path they took until they reached the table. Following this strong trend, we are using technology to create a complete platform that allows people to find out the origin and quality of the product they are consuming”, says José Cirilo, Marketing and Trade Marketing director of Seara.

“End-to-end transparency also demonstrates that every professionals involved in breeding the animals, like producers, livestock technicians and vets are committed to providing the best care in poultry breeding, as well as all animal welfare practices, which is directly reflected in the quality of our products”, he adds.

Currently, the Seara Origin project can be found in the Seara DaGranja product range produced at the Amparo unit in the hinterland of São Paulo.