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Seara launches Incredible Seara, a full range of 100% vegetable food options

Launch has the goal of strengthening the vegetable protein market, and Company advances in the segment

Seara launched in December 2019 Incredible Seara, a full range of 100% vegetable food options, available in supermarkets in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and to be offered still on the first semester throughout Brazil. The major innovation is the exclusive Biomolecule i, which ensures meat flavor and texture to the five new products, made with plants and enriched with iron and vitamin B12, zero trans fat, source of fiber, being free from lactose and from dairy and egg products.

The first major food company to offer a full range of vegetarian products, the goal from Seara is to strengthen this market. “The world is constantly changing. There currently is a new way for everything, and this is not different for foods. The search for vegetable proteins is a reality and we want to be leaders in this segment,” states José Cirilo, executive Marketing director from Seara Alimentos.

Seara’s products include all consumer profiles and their different occasions for consumption. “In the way and the variety our client wants. Our intention is to take the brand’s perception of innovation and quality to a new level, always connected to our DNA and searching for the best flavor and excellent options,” Cirilo complements.

To ensure the access to the portfolio from Incredible Seara, Seara established partnerships with restaurant chains and the main retailers in Brazil, such as Applebee’s, Rodeio, Detroit Steakhouse, Habib’s, Ofner, Subway, among others. Projects with delivery partners, to be announced soon, are also included.

The Biomolecule i was developed with molecules and natural elements, added to the fermentation of ingredients that exist in nature. “This allows stimulating the taste and smell receptors and increases salivation, making the taste buds completely free to welcome and perceive new flavors,” explains Renata do Nascimento, doctor in Food Technology and R&D and Innovation manager for Seara Alimentos.


Innovation hub from Seara

Another introduction with Incredible Seara is the Incredible Lab, an innovation hub focused on plant-based products and responsible for the recent discovery of Biomolecule i. The lab will boost Seara towards food transformation, anticipating global trends and following the capacity of the most advanced foodtechs in the world.

For this purpose, the lab gathers technology and innovation professionals, chefs, scientists, and has the participation from startups and partnerships with Google. A committee of experts will be in charge of research and of aligning the demands with the consumers’ taste.

According to Tannia Bruno, Marketing, Communication and Research director from Seara Alimentos, the hub allows the Company to work in four fronts: consumer, science, technology and gastronomy: “Technology is one way to have a conversation with consumers, and this initiative has the purpose of continuously creating solutions at Seara and concepts for projects and new products based on vegetable proteins”, she says.

Incredible Seara represents an answer to a new and increasingly more connected generation of consumers. Data from Google indicates that searches about vegetable protein increased 150% over the last four years.

“The journey of consumers who want to invest in a meatless diet starts with understanding alternative ways to eat, and is quickly evolving to the search for products, recipes and restaurants. The trend is for the interest from Brazilians about the topic to increase over the next few years,” says Marco Bebiano, Business director for Consumer Goods, Technology and Government at Google Brazil.

Signed by the agency WMcCann, the national campaign for launching Incredible Seara has a technological and innovative language. The ads for TV, social media and Google platforms stress the flavor and quality differentials, and a team of influencers will help endorse the range’s novelty as a food option.


Know the products from Incredible Seara range:

  • Incredible Burger – Chicken and Beef Flavors (452 g – 4 units): pea-based products, with no egg products and dairy, source of fiber, zero trans fat, 18 grams of protein per unit;
  • Incredible Chicken Bites (300 g): has no meat, no egg products or dairy, zero trans fat, source of fiber, 12 grams of protein per portion;
  • Incredible Kibe (300 g – 6 units): has no meat, no egg products or dairy, zero trans fat of fiber, 13 grams of protein per unit;
  • Incredible Oriental Beef (350 g): has no meat, no egg products or dairy, zero trans fat, source of fiber, 18 grams of protein per portion.