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All initiatives are part of the Company’s “Good Deeds Are Good” social responsibility program 


As part of its “Good Deeds Are Good” social responsibility program JBS continues to organize a series of actions to support in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, over 200 tons of products, including food and hygiene and cleaning, have been donated, as well as personal protective equipment, benefiting more than 270 institutions in approximately 160 cities across 20 Brazilian states.


• The Seara plant in Samambaia (DF) delivered part of the consignment which will see five tons of chicken donated to institutions in the Greater Goiânia area. The poultry will be included in parcels with other basic items to cater for monthly meal plans for the staff and patients of healthcare institutions.


• The JBS Couros plant in Porangatu delivered approximately 200 soaps to Lar Paulo VI, located in the same city.


• The Seara plant in Tangará da Serra donated 2.6 tons of chicken and more than 600 soaps to six institutions providing assistance to children, teenagers and elderly within the city. More than 400 people benefited from the contribution.


• The JBS Couros plant in Naviraí, with support from the Instituto de Meio Ambiente do Mato Grosso do Sul (Mato Grosso do Sul Environment Institute) – IMASUL, shifted the budget from environmental education activities to social activities. The plant also donated six tons of foods to the community, in partnership with the Rotary Club Naviraí, the Mato Grosso do Sul Military Fire Department, and Naviraí Social Assistance Service, which provided support in the distribution of boxes with essential items.
• The Seara plant in Dourados donated kits with towels, blankets, bed sheets, alcohol-based liquid and gel hand sanitizers, disposable face masks, and boxes with essential items to the city’s Health Department (SEMS) benefiting Hospital da Missão Caiuá. The company also delivered 1,000 disposable face masks, 50 acrylic face shields, and 400 overalls to the Dourados Health Department.
• The JBS plants in Campo Grande donated approximately 20,000 disposable masks and 2,500 soaps to the city’s Public Health Department (SESAU). The soaps will be distributed by the Community Support Fund, with SESAU delivering the masks among to healthcare facilities. In April, more than 400 soaps were also donated to Asilo São João Bosco, in Campo Grande.


• The Friboi plant in Santana do Araguaia donated 500 litres of alcohol-based gel hand sanitizer, 150 masks and 100 pairs of goggles to Hospital São Francisco de Assis.


• The Friboi plant in São Miguel do Guaporé delivered PPE items to the city’s healthcare facility  to safeguard workers.
• The JBS Couros plant in Colorado do Oeste donated 21 doses of the tetravalent vaccine to the city’s Epidemiology Agency.


• The Seara team in São José donated 8,000 masks to the city government.


• In partnership with a regional club, the Friboi team in Andradina collected 200kg of non-perishable foods, which were donated to impoverished families in the city.
• The Friboi team in São Paulo donated 3,300 disposable masks to the NGO Maos na Massa, which gathers volunteers very Monday to distribute food, hygiene and cleaning products to street dwellers in the downtown region.
• The team members from JBS Couros at the Cubatão Distribution Center donated beef ribs to a rest home for the elderly in the region.