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JBS Couros Vietnam closes 2019 with improvements and social actions

Training sessions, update on safety rules, and integration initiatives had the plant engaged

The year of 2019 saw important achievements for the JBS Couros plant in Vietnam. The facility went through improvements, with the creation of areas of conviviality, where recycled tanks were turned into benches and tables.

In addition to contributing to the integration of all Team Members, the concept for these spaces reinforces the Company’s commitment to sustainability, and now there is a group of Team Members responsible for making their peers aware about the topic.

Qualification was another highlight among the initiatives in 2019. There were training sessions about safety on traffic, certification in Excel, qualification of representatives and update on the plant’s safety rules and new requirements from the certificate ISO 9001: 2015.

The Team Members were also engaged through social actions, such as the celebration of Women’s Day, occupational health check-up, soccer tournament, events to welcome new colleagues, and participation in major events.