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JBS Couros presents new collection inspired by sustainability features

At a fair held in Milan, the Company introduced items from the 2021 Spring-Summer collection “Market of Fashion,” which was made based on the “Kind Leather” concept

JBS Couros presented its 2021 Spring-Summer collection “Market of Fashion” at the latest edition of Lineapelle, an international fair held in Milan, Italy. Inspired by the Kind Leather sustainability concept, the artifacts were developed with focus on repurposing resources and on zero waste, with nothing being disposed of and everything being transformed.

“Sustainability is present in the entire collection. What would be a solid residue to our customers ends up going to other markets. Nothing is thrown away, everything must be transformed and repurposed”, explained Cezar Gernhardt, CEO of Conceria Priante and Sales director for JBS Couros.

The production of Kind Leather allows up to a 65% reduction in emissions of CO2 in the transportation of wet blue. In tanning processes, there is reduction of up to 46% in water consumption and of up to 42% in the use of chemicals. In the finishing phases, there is a reduction of up to 28% in the consumption of chemicals. Additionally, the full process reduces by 51% the generation of trims and guarantees a 20% lower consumption of electric power than the traditional mode.


The collection

The new collection by Conceria Priante, the Company’s business unit in Italy that caters to the luxury market in Europe, United States and Asia, has four central themes. “Handmade” takes back to pure artisanship. A tour full of colors and sensations involved in memories is the proposal from “Market of Essential”. “Life of Stones” is about the world of minerals and gemstones that give us lights and unique sensations. “Pixel Around” exposes that the entire world is made of pixels: everything around us is an endless matrix of dots.

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