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JBS announces the “Together for the Amazon” Program

Initiative includes a blockchain platform, technology sharing with partners and the setting up of the “JBS Fund for the Amazon”. See the summary of the program on the video.

JBS, the world’s second-largest food company, is committed to the sustainable production of food and eliminating deforestation from its supply chain. For more than a decade, the Company has used satellite imagery to monitor an area greater than Germany, ensuring that 100% of its direct beef suppliers comply with its responsible sourcing policies, including the Company’s long-standing commitment to zero deforestation. However, JBS knows it can do more.

Today, JBS announces the Together for the Amazon program, a series of innovative, long-term initiatives that build on the Company’s legacy of conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon biome. The program will engage industry leaders, civil society, government authorities and environmental stakeholders to propose meaningful actions that will strengthen its value chain and help preserve this critical biome.

The program is consistent with the Company’s long-term sustainability priorities, including the commitment to combat climate change, which is one of the Company’s global sustainability targets presented in 2019. The fundamental pillars of the Together for the Amazon program are: (i) development of the value chain; (ii) forest conservation and restoration; (iii) support for local communities in the Amazon; and (iv) scientific research and technology development.

The first pillar consists of three initiatives. The first of these is a blockchain platform that will enable the Company to track the suppliers of its cattle suppliers by 2025.

The second is the sharing of the Company’s supplier monitoring technology and its responsible sourcing policy with the value chain, including the entire food industry, livestock producers, family farmers, financial institutions, and the agribusiness sector. The third initiative will provide suppliers with environmental, animal husbandry education and legal support.  

The Company also announces the creation of the JBS Fund For The Amazon, a fund that will finance important projects and actions to stimulate sustainable development in the Amazon Biome. JBS will contribute R$ 250 million over the first five years, and as much R$ 500 million by 2030. 

“Today, we publicly reiterate our commitment to the sustainability of the Amazon. We hope our actions today will help accelerate the urgent fight against deforestation, while fostering the bio-economy, sustainable agricultural practices and opportunities for social development,” stated Gilberto Tomazoni, Global CEO of JBS.

Click on this link to watch the video-manifesto which the Company has released today in line with its commitment to conserving and protecting the Amazon biome.