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Friboi expands the coverage of the “Fazenda Nota 10” project

The project is aiming for livestock farming based on more sustainable and efficient practices, and already, more than 350 properties from different regions of the country are participating

“Fazenda Nota 10” (Grade 10 Farm), the program implemented by Friboi using the methodology of Instituto Inttegra, aims to arrive at 500 participant farms by next July when the next harvest begins, and which will end in June 2022. At present, the initiative, already considered a benchmark of good sustainable and efficient practices for livestock farmers, now has 350 participating properties from different regions of Brazil.

“Since its creation, FN10 has achieved excellent results and we have seen, for example, an average increase of 23% in farm capacity, which is a very positive indicator. We have a challenging target ahead of us, to reach 500 partners in 2021, where the key objective is to achieve an increasingly professionalized sustainable and high-performance production chain that generates returns for all its links”, Fábio Dias, Livestock Farmer Relationship Officer of Friboi, explains.

Open to all registered suppliers of Friboi nationwide who are fully compliant with the Company’s strict socioenvironmental compliance criteria, the central focus of FN10 is to compare results among the participant farms. This is a parameter that motivates livestock farmers to implement practices that produce results on other properties, by following an efficient management model.

The program is open to any type of producer, regardless of the size of the property and production capacity, and its schedule includes meetings, discussions on other issues, such as standardization of metrics, successful models, training, and people management.

“The FN10 platform also functions as a kind of entry door for our suppliers to adhere to other initiatives implemented by Friboi, always striving for a more efficient and responsible  production chain that abides by best market practices”, Fábio Dias adds.