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"Good Deeds are Good" celebrates its first month, and has already distributed the majority of its R$ 400 million fund in Brazil

Items will be distributed among 210 Brazilian cities and will benefit 63 million people

In just one month, one of the biggest solidarity programs to fight coronavirus in Brazil – “Good Deeds are Good” (“Fazer o Bem Faz Bem“) – has donated most of its funds to the program’s three key areas – healthcare, social assistance and science, benefiting an estimated 63 million people.

The resources will reach nearly 200 Brazilian cities in 18 states plus the Federal District, and will be delivered in goods and services according to the states and cities’ individual needs. The assignment of funds was agreed in collaboration with the healthcare systems from the cities and states served, which included interviews and data analysis. This information was reviewed by experts from the program’s three independent committees in the areas of healthcare, social assistance and science who, based on broad experience in their respective sectors, assisted in the definition of projects and actions catered for by the Company.

Up to the moment cross-section:

  • Construction of two modular hospitals: in Ceilandia, Federal District, and in Porto Velho, Rondonia.
  • 83 mobile ICUs.
  • 1,775 clinical and ICU beds.
  • 846 million PPE units to 150 cities, totaling R$ 52.1 million.
  • 265 respirators.
  • 885 multi-parameter monitors to the value of R$ 26.6 million provided to 55 cities in 14 states: Acre, Pará, Rondonia, Tocantins, Bahia, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, and Santa Catarina.
  • 460 infusion pumps.
  • 400,000 bottles of liquid alcohol, alcohol-based sanitizing gel, bleach, liquid soap and hospital disinfectants.
  • 407,000 fabric masks to 18 cities.
  • Provision of service from 40 respiratory therapists.
  • R$ 20 million to non-profit social organizations that cater to approximately 500,000 people in Brazil.
  • Offer of R$ 50 million to 12 scientific research studies for the fight against Covid-19 in Brazil.

Additionally, in the other key area, science, the Company has already started selecting research institutions all over Brazil that will receive support for scientific research and studies to fight  the coronavirus. Social projects throughout Brazil, which we hope will directly benefit 500,000 people, have also been selected.

This work has been coordinated by Joanita Maestri Karoleski, former CEO of Seara, with 30 Team Members from JBS who are completely dedicated to the initiative. The Company’s contribution also extends to mobilising its wider business base in Brazil. The consulting firms Tyno, in the administrative area, and Grant Thornton, in the audit of donations, give pro bono support to the project.

Click here to see a video on the program’s successful first month (only available in Portuguese).