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JBS has adopted measures to ensure the safety, well-being and health of all its team members, suppliers and customers. Among the measures taken by the Company, there are:

Reinforced and ongoing communication about prevention and care measures, such as hand sanitation, use of alcohol gel, social distancing and others, recommended by healthcare authorities as effective to control the contagion;

  • Paid leave granted to team members who fit into the risk groups, such as people over 60 years old and pregnant women, as well as implementation of remote work routines, when possible;
  • Expansion of the bus fleet that makes the local transportation of team members and intensification of sanitization between trips, as well as creation of new routines with alternate times for breaks and meals, where applicable;
  • Prohibition to international travels and reduction, to the minimum necessary, of domestic trips by company team members;
  • A 14-day quarantine to everyone who returns from countries with focus of the disease, returning to work only after confirmation that they are free from the virus;
  • Prohibition of international visitors and restriction of national visitors to our operations, facilities and offices;
  • Creation of emergency protocols for any team member who shows symptoms.

JBS has also further enhanced the control, sanitation and cleaning measures in all its facilities, to ensure that there is no risk to its production or its products.

The Company is carrying on with the unshakable purpose of working to ensure the supply and offer of products and services with the highest quality to its customers and consumers in Brazil and worldwide.