Friboi announced today the opening of its first quality and food safety assurance laboratory located in Pará. The unit will be responbile for microbiological and physical/chemical analyses that will support three Company facilities located in the state (Redenção, Marabá and Santana do Araguaia) and another unit in the state of Tocantins (Araguaína). The unit will perform an average 3.5 thousand analyses a month. Besides the new laboratory which is located in Redenção (PA), Friboi currently has other 10 units in Brazil.


According to Friboi, the unit located in Pará will be automated and use digital Technologies and will use molecular biology analyses for certain types of microorganism (DNA testing) on beef and workplace samples, which will be able to identify microorganisms using a PCR technique, i.e., in real time. “This is a preventive type of analysis and is included in our controls and processes to help mitigate any possible contamination. This helps ensure our consumers receive high quality products”, says Emilia Raucci, Quality Assurance Director at Friboi.


Prior to opening the laboratory in Redenção, Friboi launched a similar unit in Campo Grande (MS) in the first half of last year. According to the Company, around R$ 5 million has been invested in refurbishment, construction and new equipment purchases. “The laboratories are strategically located so they are able to serve Company units nationwide. The JBS meat division invests around R$ 65 million a year in quality assurance”, says the Company.


Last year, the Friboi Quality department increased the average number of monthly in-house laboratory analyses by 19.7%. 52.9 thousand samples were analyzed monthly in 2017, rising to 63.3 thousand in 2018.


Source: Agência Estado