Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct and Ethics – CCE provides guidance for team members on how to act in accordance with the conduct and behavior acceptable by JBS. Available in Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish, it was drawn up to consolidate and unify the existing global guidelines for the various operations of JBS worldwide.

Under the CCE, breaches of compliance, policies and procedures and prevailing legislation may result in disciplinary measures being imposed, which may include, among other consequences provided for by law, rescission of the employment relationship.

Code of Conduct of Business

JBS is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and honest manner, and expects its Business Partners to comply with the guidelines set out in the Business Associate Code of Conduct– BACC.

The BACC covers the following topics:

  • Compliance with the law;

  • Food safety and product quality;

  • Animal well-being;

  • Anti-corruption practices;

  • Gifts and entertainment;

  • Conflict of interests and political contributions;

  • Anticompetitive practices;

  • Labor rules and immigration;

  • Harassment;

  • Human rights;

  • Health and safety;

  • Confidentiality of information and data privacy;

  • Inside information;

  • Subcontracting;

  • Anti-money laundering;

  • Countering the financing of terrorism;

  • International trade controls, protection of assets, books and accounting records;

  • The environment and sustainability;

  • Requisites for reports.

The BACC must be read and interpreted jointly with the prevailing legislation, bearing in mind the agreement entered into and governing law. Non-compliance may result in the penalties provided for therein.

In 2020, the document was enhanced by strengthening issues involving sustainability, such as animal well-being..

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Other Policies


JBS also has policies and procedures on specific topics that support team members and contractor in going about their business at JBS.

ou can access the company’s policies for staff and third-party relations clicking on the links below.

Global Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

Download Portuguese

Download English

Download Spanish

Conflict Of Interest Policy

Download Portuguese

Download English

Gifts, Promotional Items, Travel and Entertainment Policy

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