People that
do their best
in everything.

From origin to the consumer’s table, the care we take goes beyond the production process, taking responsibility for our actions so that they have positive impacts for all our team members, suppliers, clients and for the millions of families that trust the quality of our products. But feeding the generations of today and tomorrow also depends on feeding the planet on which we live. That is why we take measures to reduce the impacts of our operations, protect the environment and foster animal welfare; in addition to developing and empowering our team members and the communities bordering our production areas. Thus, we are building a legacy in which we will take care to ensure that each choice we make today leads us to a future with more sustainable food.

To make all this possible, we rely on a team that works in a disciplined, determined and unpretentious manner, recognizing its role as an agent of transformation for bringing about the changes that the world needs. And this is the future we are feeding with every passing day.

16 Operations in
16 countries
600 Over 600 production
units and offices
+270K Over 270 thousand team
members worldwide
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