Plant Based – 100% vegetal

To respond to specific demands by increasing the offering of food options through plant-based products through the Incrível! range, in Brazil, and on the international market, brands like Vivera and Taste & Glory range, in Europe.

In the face of the growing trend, and even necessity due to the growth of the population, JBS in investing in innovation e technologies to increasingly expand its participation in this market segment.


The Incrível! which became a stand-alone business unit in 2021, has items ranging from hamburgers to prepared meals enriched with iron and vitamin B12. The range is 100% plant-based, free of GMOs, zero trans fats, a source of fiber, lactose free and with no egg and milk derivatives.

Currently, the Incrível! is the number 1 in the segment in Brazil.

Logo Incrivel

In 2021, JBS acquired the Company Vivera - third largest plant-based producer in Europe - that develops and produces a diversified and innovative portfolio of plant-based products substitutes for meat for major retailers in over 25 European countries, with a significant presence in the markets of Holland, the United Kingdom and Germany. The acquisition of Vivera strengthens and boosts the global plant-based products platform of JBS.

logo Vivera