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Nossos Números

Com sede no Brasil, a JBS é a segunda maior empresa de alimentos do mundo e líder global em diversos segmentos e negócios. A Companhia investe em operações inovadoras, conduzidas com foco em excelência, segurança dos alimentos e na adoção das melhores práticas de sustentabilidade em toda a cadeia de valor com atuação em uma plataforma diversificada de produção e distribuição.


O que eles dizem

  • Challenge! To me, this is the word that best defines how it is to work at JBS. It is to deliver results with a very dynamic routine and through daily exercising the Ownership Attitude. The Company offers possibilities for personal and professional development, career advancement and plenty of learning opportunities. I am very happy and very proud to be part of this great Team!
    Natália Marioto, HR Analyst
    I am an engineer at the Andradina (SP) plant. My professional life had always been in the state capital, and when I was invited to work in a different city I didn’t think twice, because I realized the world of opportunities and evolution our company offers. Working here brings me satisfaction and pride, because JBS offers plenty of support from management for developing innovative projects.
    Valderi Reis, Electrician Engineer
  • I started my career at JBS as Trainee, in 2016. What pleased me during the entire trainee program was having received the training base, the Job Rotation experience and visibility when showing my work, in addition of having the challenge of delivering a good result. Today, I work as PCP Coordinator, in the Swift Business Division.
    Fábio Casanova, PCP Coordinator
    To me, JBS is like my second home. I love working with people, started at 18 years old, and am certain that I want to stay here for the rest of my life. My most outstanding moment was an event for over 100 people about the JBS Culture, which I held in 2015.
    Danielle Milani, HR Coordinator